О аутору

Zorica SavićЗорица Савић, дипломирани инжењер машинства и професор техничког образовања.

Радим као наставник Техничког и информатичког образовања, Технике и технологије и Информатике и рачунарства у Основној школи „Светислав Мирковић Ненад“ у Малој Плани.


2 comments on “О аутору

  1. Hello, Zorica.
    After I have seen so many times, you were a reader of my blog, I want to give something back with my experience as a mother of my son, dealing with dyslexia, which is still commonly a problem at school, to get the teachers cooperative.

    It started very early in basic school, when the problem became more and more clear, so I gave my son advice for playing and learning by the clear and ajustable type face of the computer, to make him enjoy more, learning about things, instead of becoming desperate about the hazy form of handwritten words in the pale grey of lead pencils and bad photocopies.

    Often I „translated“ the texts from school he had to work with, layerd with images, handwritten by the teacher – all confusing the perception of dyslectic people – and showed him, it was possible to read easier, that reading and writing wasn’t unaccessible.

    To make a long story of his school life short: when he was about ten, he already knew how to use a computer for his works, he played games I had allowed, because there was a lot of reading to do freely, to get ahead with, and had no problems to have him learn English because it was needed for purpose to go for his interests.
    School would never have been that successful with its „Peter, Paul and Mary“-stuff.
    He even started correspondences by mail with supports unafraid, using the correction-tools.

    When school started with some spare digital lessons, he was the one to help others, and when he finally made his secondary school certificate without some double year, all his marks were satisfactory (exept German), and he got an apprentice position for
    management assistant in IT-systems.

    So I am fully convinced of the importance in education of early digital learning, not only to be able to manage the modern life, but also to save the happiness of a lot of kids.

    So, I hope you and your projects can benefit from this litte story.
    Best wishes,
    puzzleblume (Heide) from Germany

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